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Arne Duncan was just nominated by Obama to be Secretary of Education. As it turns out, Duncan was a baijtulejjvwcgbps20081216201011sketball player at Harvard University when a good friend of mineSteve Bzomowski – was an assistant coach there. Steve has coached me in my basketball skills since the 1990s and is himself a fantastic player who played his college ball at Fordham University. He’s also a very talented writer in his own right – I’ve often told him he should be a writer.

Steve has written a fantastic piece on Arne Duncan today on his own blog. Here’s a taste:

Another thing I remember is in pre-season pick-up games, Arne never called a foul when a defender fouled him. Never. I think he saw it, calling the foul, as an excuse he did not want to use if something had gone wrong – missed a shot, lost the ball or something. No excuses. Play through it. Get the job done. Overcome the obstacles, nobody bailing him out. Excuses equated to failure and he just did not see things that way.

I realize that many people reading this blog may not like or have voted for Obama, but I find it encouraging that he has picked someone with this kind of attitude – the “I will not fail” attitude combined with a team attitude. And it is some fine writing from Steve.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Arne Duncan, Sec’y of Ed, The Basketball Player

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