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MR1 Update

I’ll admit I’ve been really busy working on a new strategy and dealing with other personal issues (how long does it take to put up a fence around a section of your yard?)…..but MR1 has been relatively quiet.  Here’s the trades it has taken – I’m going to promise to be more vigilant in terms of posting frequency!

As you can see – nothing too special – I took the PPA long to open in small size because PPA is already open in my TREND1 system.

ief Long 5/30/2008 87.35 6/3/2008 87.36 0.01%
tlt Long 5/30/2008 90.13 6/4/2008 91.39 1.40%
eza Long 6/3/2008 126.01 6/6/2008 124.39 -1.29%
EWD Long 6/4/2008 30.79 6/6/2008 30.99 0.65%
PPA Open Long 6/9/2008 20.24 6/9/2008 20.24 0.00%

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Not a huge mistake – we’re still long OIL and SLX – but EWZ was supposed to be exited on the first and replaced with XME.  I’ve now done that – and I must apologize for the mixup – won’t happen again.

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